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2x12 - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Episode 2x12 - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
Aired December 11th, 2005

A young boy needs a heart transplant but doesn't seem to want it, and his treatment causes Burke and Yang to have philosophical differences. Meanwhile, when the interns rally to help Alex prepare to re-take his exam, Meredith has to remind Izzie of the true spirit of the Christmas holiday; and despite a reconciliation with his wife, Derek isn't in a festive mood.

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Introduction Post/Friending Meme

Introduce yourself, read other people introductions, meet some new people, let us mods get to know you, get to know us, etc...

You all have a common interest (Grey's Anatomy!), and I'm sure you can find someone who likes other things you like. :]

Tell us your name, what you like best about Grey's, who your favorite characters are, your least favorite ones, favorite ships, other shows you like, other obsessions you have, if you make icons, if you have a really cool skill or something, if you have any interesting facts, and stuff like that. You don't have to answer all of them, you can answer questions that aren't even there...

Just do whatever. :]
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Show Schedule

Alright, I know this really has nothing to do with the comm's main purpose, but this is just an added bonus that you get for joining (or watching) the comm. :]


Sunday, July 10th, 2006
Thanks for the Memories
The Thanksgiving holiday is more difficult for the interns and residents than any of them is willing to admit, as Izzie plans a big dinner at Meredith's -- but it remains to be seen who among the invited guests will actually show up. Meanwhile, George endures the O'Malley tradition of hunting turkeys with his less-than-sophisticated family, and Meredith treats a patient who's been in a vegetative state for 16 years.
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FAQ Post

Have any questions for us?

Like... What the meaning of life is? Whether or not we need more mods? If Grey's is on this upcoming Sunday? If it's a new episode? Where you could find some awesome desktops, icons, etc..? Where you can download episodes of Grey's? Where to find music from the show? Who are we? What we do in our spare time? If you can affiliate? (And so on... I think you get it. ;])

I'll keep updating the main list as I get questions, so please... ask away :] We'll pretty much answer anything.

You asked for it... what is the meaning of life?
4. Next question? :]

Do you need any help with the comm?
At the moment, we're not looking for any more mods, but thanks if you were going to offer. :] If you really want to help, we love promotion! I'll eventually make a few little banners so it's easy as pie to promo.

I want to affiliate!! Where do I go?
Ooh yay. Affiliaters :] Just go right over to this post and leave a comment!

OH EM EFF GEE, is this Sunday a freaking repeat?
I know the answer! Go here to find out. I'll try to keep the schedule as up to date as I can.
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Affiliates Post

Want to affiliate with us? We're more than happy to add you, and we'd love an add back in return. :]

Just comment here with your comm's name and a little blurb saying what it's for, and you'll be put under the really cool affiliate banner in our user info.
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Mod Post Numero Uno

Ah, we're finally getting this community onto it's feet. :]

Quick introduction. I'm Kayti, and I'm one of your two mods. (Yes, you have two! Aren't you lucky? ;]) Your other mod, starprincesss is Alexx. Yes, my name is spelt with a Y and an I, and yes, her name is spelt with 2 X's.

Now that I introduced us, we'd love to know our members. Go to this post and introduce yourself. Maybe you'll want to friend some of your fellow members. :] Hell, if you want to friend us, go ahead. Both our journals are friends only, so just leave a comment on our fo posts and we'll add you back. (Well, I know I will. I can't make promises for Alexx.)

Alright, well now just some general rules and ramblings and such...

1. Keep your posts relavent please. :] Much as we love other TV shows, this is a Grey's Anatomy community. I really don't want to see posts about Lost, 24, Desperate Housewives, etc... (Especially Lost. I don't like Lost. Alexx (my lovely co-mod, in case you forgot) likes it and I can't stand it. But that's an arguement for another time. :])

2. On that subject (the first rule, not Lost), this is a Grey's Anatomy Merchandise community. While I'll admit that I'll be making some posts that aren't exactly merchandise related, it doesn't mean we want a million posts like that. Pretty please keep your gorgeous icons and lovely spoilers in the communities that have already been made for them. (Although if you have juicy spoiler info, you can tell me :])

3. I hate drama. And I'm not all that fond of people who cause drama. So please, be nice. Not that there's much to fight about in a comm like this, but I'm saying this as a precaution. If someone happens to have made a mistake or something, just leave a nice little comment telling them so.
Hey, I think you might have gotten that wrong. The handles on the bag you found are way different from the ones on Meredith's bag in the show.
Sounds SO much better than,
DUDE! That is SO totally NOT the right bag! DUH! Holy crap, how did you even think they were the same? Do you even WATCH the show?
Right? Right. So just keep it cool.

4. The shoes. Everyone wants the shoes. In fact, you probably already know what shoes I'm talking about, don't you? (Well, if you don't, I'm speaking of the red heels seen in the opening credits.)
I will put your name all over the comm, thanking you 98837423 times.
I want these shoes.
If you find them, you are officially the best person in the entire world.
I will love you forever.

5. I'm obsessively obsessed with Grey's, so I'll usually go out and buy the stuff you all post here. (If I can afford it) If you're a little wary of buying something, ask me if I've gotten it yet, and I'll tell you if I have and if it's worth it or not to buy it yourself. (If you have AIM, you can IM me, my sn is NYgiRl aT HeArTx, and if you don't, just email me at

6. At the moment, this isn't a paid account. If I have a little spare cash sometime and the community is popular enough, I might buy us a paid account. But first I would make my personal journal a paid account, so this might take awhile.

7. This isn't a Friends Only community right now, because I like sharing the Grey's love. But regardless, join anyway. It's always fun to have new posts show up on your f-lists. :]

8. I just changed the setting to make it open membership, but until we figure out how we're going to have the comm work post wise, I'm keeping it so only Alexx and I can post right now. These settings might change...
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