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So um, what the hell does 'hornkey' mean exactly?
Your other mod (starprincesss), a few of our friends, and I (thoushaltkissme) don't pay attention during class, and somehow we came up with the word hornkey. I believe we said it was a sort of hybrid between 'horse' and 'donkey' because we didn't like mule. It was just one of those things I say without thinking. But anyway, that's how we got the name of the community.

What does it have to do with Grey's Anatomy Merchandise?
It has absolutely nothing to do with Grey's Anatomy.. we aren't cool enough to have our made up words on the show. We'll leave that to Shonda and her team of writers.. :]

And what is the point of this community? Aren't there a thousand Grey's communities out there already?
Ah yes, but are there any that tell you how to get the look of your favorite interns (and attendings.. and residents.. and basically anyone on the show)? Well of course not, or we wouldn't have started this community! Did you absolutely, positively want Izzie's adorable green pea coat from Break On Through? Did you see Meredith's jacket in Shake Your Groove Thing, and recognize it from one of your all time favorite stores? This is where you find it, post it, share it, love it.

How does it work, posting-wise?
Alright well, as of right now, everything that's being posted by us (the mods) comes from the ABC - As Seen On! site. I'm doing it by episode and then within the post by character.

But I found something that was on one of the episodes!! What do I do?!
Just make sure you include this information (if it's applicable) in your post, and share away! The item you found, the episode it's seen in, the character that wears or uses it, the website or store you found it at, and if possible, a picture of the item (and/or a screencap of the item in the show).

Ack! I really want to know where I could find so and so's such and such seen on such and such episode.
Hey! You came to the right place! Include as much information as you can in your request post, the minimum being this (if it's applicable).. What you're looking for, the episode it's seen in, the character who wears or uses it, and if possible, a screencap of the item in the show.

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